The Club

The TUtheTOP alumni club was established 2012 by alumni from TU Wien’s former high-potential program, TUtheTOP, and is dedicated to connecting outstanding personalities.

The club provides a life-long network of great talents and dedicated people that seek professional and personal development. We like to think about ourselves as a platform that brings together excellent people who strive for living up to their full potential, discovering new ideas, and developing new opportunities in a diverse, fruitful and nourishing environment. We want to broaden the experience and views of all our members and train the next generation of tech leaders.

We embody


We value unconventional thinking and perspectives that are formed by non-standard experiences, the ability to leverage unusual circumstances and taking advantage of limited resources and opportunities. All of our members are current or former students of TU Wien and have shown extraordinary academic achievements, from studying at Ivy League Universities to being amongst the top students of TU Wien.


We share professional expertise throughout all major industries, from aerospace to consulting to investment banking to pharmacy to start-ups to established, world-leading Fortune 500 companies. Paired with individual private experiences of globetrotting, failures, maneuvering people and solving challenges in different cultures, our members grow by exchanging the lessons learned in each other’s past.


We know that without engagement we could not live valuable experiences that allow us to leverage the learning to excel in future. Thus, being global citizens our members are open-minded and seek every valuable engagement that advances our planet. We do not shrink back from failure and engagements that require us to take on the responsibility of leadership, be it speaking up or taking action, even in challenging times.

We offer


The club encourages and enables inter-disciplinary exchange and therefore provides different networking opportunities. Different get-togethers allow our members to connect with each other: members with the same interests can meet by attending our various Circle events while events with our partner organisations enable members to meet new enterprises and its people. In addition, exclusive internal digital platforms allow our members to also connect digitally.


Sharing the same values makes it easy for our members to mutually seek advice from other alumni and reach out to our network. It can serve as guidance for career decisions, personal development and support for everyday life. We aim to educate other members in different fields and skill-sets of their expertise to create the next generation of leaders, who lead by education, integrity and example.


External and internal resources provided by the network leverage the personal and professional development of our members and enhance their career opportunities. Our services include exclusive job offers, keynotes and invited talks by distinguished speakers and top managers, soft and hard skills workshops ranging from mindfulness to crypto-currencies, discussions about socially relevant topics in dedicated circles and, of course, team building and get-togethers.

Social Engagement

The club is aware of its social responsibility and wants to give back to society and TU Wien, thus we have started social initiatives such as TUProgress and TUGutes, that socially educate students early in their studies. In addition, we were part of the TU Wien Mentoring-Programm 2018, providing mentors and role models to young students, and closely work with Whatchado to provide career insights for students that are interested in STEM-fields.

Join us

Bringing together the right people so they can discover original ideas and develop new opportunities


To encourage intellectual exchange and provide a platform for members with similar interests in specific fields, we hold dedicated interest Circles. You can also found your own Circle and enrich our community organizing meetings with your personal passion as the guiding theme. Please note that selected Circles are also open to Non-TUtheTOP alumni members!




Design and Architecture





Industry 4.0


Executive Board

Melanie Krawina

Vice President | Head of Digital

Stefan Prenner

Secretary General 

Siegfried Sharma


Bernhard Kronfellner

Head of Strategy | Finance Circle Lead

Our Partners

Companies, organizations and institutions without whom our work wouldn’t be possible.