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As alumni of the established high-potential program TUtheTOP of Technical University of Vienna, we sought after the possibility to stay in touch with the other fellows who have accompanied us through this interesting year. As no corresponding alumni club was yet existing, we took action and founded TUtheTOP alumni club in late 2012. We bring together young professionals from different fields of study to share their experiences and knowledge. Our members hang out together to exchange ideas and support new projects.
What we offer

We stand for a life-long network with great talents and dedicated people. Our club acts as an interface between students, alumni and the industry.
Keep in touch with friends & colleagues and meet new people at our get- togethers! Join our public WhatsApp group if you are interested in becoming a member.

Events & Workshops
We provide opportunities for ongoing personal and professional development to our members. Listen to keynotes from distinguished speakers, get in action at our workshops and join our subject specific Circles. Members get notified via our internal newsletter. Also visit our Facebook Page to learn about future events and more!
Social Engagement
We are aware of our social responsibilities and therefore promote individual advancement & social engagement. Out of the activities of TUtheTOP alumni club TUGutes (implementing social relevant projects within TU lectures, nominated for the Social Impact Award in 2014) and TUProgress were born.
A strong and long-lasting network with awesome members and a dynamic program

Circles are regular meetings of club members with similar interests. A great way to find like-minded people and exchange ideas in your field of expertise! Join us and visit the next Circle that suits your interests – or found your own one and enrich our community with meetings about your personal passion as the guiding theme.

Finance Circle

The Finance circle offers all members interested in national and international finance issues a platform for professional and personal exchange. Main topics are: Investment Banking, Private Equity, Hedgefonds, Financial Consulting.

IT Circle

The IT-Circle functions as an interest group for IT-related topics. Key aspects for the events are innovation and new technologies and their implementation in practice, but also social issues in relation to IT.

Automotive Circle

The Automotive circle focuses on club members interested in current topics related to the automotive industry (e.g. electrification, new emission standards, automated driving).

Architecture Circle

The Architecture and Design circle is an ideas playground which offers its members not only the possibility to engage with prevalent topics of the built environment but also those of the relating fields.

Healthcare Circle

The Healthcare circle brings together members interested in the healthcare sector. A wide range of topics, from pharma industry and healthcare IT to regulatory and financial questions, is covered and discussed in various forms.

Electrical Engineering Circle

This circle works as a small interest group for several key-topics in the field of electrical engineering, such as automation and energy. The circle builds on a close partnership with youngOVE (student branch of the Austrian Electrotechnical Association).

Startup Circle

The Start-Up circle organizes get- togethers with entrepreneurs on a regular basis in the cafe phil and offers its members direct expertise from successful company founders. If you think about starting your own enterprise, this circle will suit your need for hands- on knowledge!
More information about the Startup Circle

Executive Board

A bunch of highly motivated people drawn together to provide a unique service to great talents and enthusiastic individuals

Siegfried Sharma


Christoph Maier

Vice President
Head of Events

Michael Luu

Secretary General

David Hubmayr

Head of Finance

Nikola Ilo

Head of IT

Bernhard Kronfellner

Head of Strategy

Thomas Dori

Head of Marketing

Melanie Krawina

Stefan Prenner

Gernot Rumpold

Maximilian Kuhnert

Matteo Savio

Ana Maria Marcu

Hanno Buchner

Jacqueline Erhart

Stefan Schneeberger

Gustav Messany-Oberwandling

Peter Wirthumer

Currently inactive

Herbert Moldan

Currently inactive

Andreas Mussger

Currently inactive

Join us

The club is highly dependent on the motivation and dedication of its members and mutual support.
Participate and bring your own ideas to life! As a member you will also receive our internal newsletter
with regular updates and details about our next events.


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