To encourage intellectual exchange and provide a platform for members with similar interests in specific fields, we hold dedicated interest Circles. Members meet regularly to discuss current and future challenges with experts of the corresponding field. Join us and visit the next Circle that most suits your interests. You can also found your own Circle and enrich our community organizing meetings with your personal passion as the guiding theme – We will support your enthusiasm with our available resources. Additionally, if you have valuable input in a certain field of expertise, contact the respective Circle Lead directly to contribute to a future Circle event. Please note that selected Circles are also open to Non-TUtheTOP alumni members!

Finance Circle

Circle Lead: Bernhard Kronfellner

The Finance Circle offers members interested in national and international finance issues a platform for professional and personal exchange. Main topics are: Investment Banking, Private Equity, Hedgefunds, Financial Consulting.

IT Circle

Circle Lead: Markus Fischer & Stephan Reichl

The IT Circle functions as an interest group for IT-related topics. Key aspects for the events are innovation and new technologies and their implementation in practice, but also social issues in relation to IT.

Automotive Circle

Circle Lead: Jacqueline Erhart

The Automotive Circle focuses on club members interested in current topics related to the automotive industry (e.g. electrification, new emission standards, automated driving).

Design and Architecture Circle

Circle Lead: Ana Maria Marcu

The Architecture and Design Circle is an ideas playground, which offers its members not only the possibility to engage with prevalent topics of the built environment but also those of the relating fields.

Healthcare Circle

Circle Lead: Andreas Graef

The Healthcare Circle brings together members interested in the healthcare sector. A wide range of topics, from pharma industry and healthcare IT to regulatory and financial questions, is covered and discussed in various forms.

Startup Circle

Circle Lead: Matteo Savio

The Startup Circle organizes get-togethers with entrepreneurs on a regular basis in the cafe phil and offers its members direct expertise from successful company founders. If you are thinking about starting your own enterprise, this circle will suit your need for hands- on knowledge!

More information about the Startup Circle

Environmental Circle

Circle Lead: Maximilian Lehr & Helmut Steiner

The Environmental Circle offers a forum to discuss current environmental challenges and sustainability issues. The topics are discussed not only from an engineering perspective but also from economical and political viewpoints to enable people to see the bigger picture.

Energy Circle

Circle Lead: Janice Goodenough

The Energy Circle unites alumni working in the field of energy (generation, trading, transmission & and aggregate demand) and offers them a forum to debate current industry trends (e.g. market and regulatory developments, best practice methodology & processes) as well as macro-economic and political aspects of decarbonisation.

Industry 4.0 Circle

Circle Lead: Felix Zottl

The Industry 4.0 circle presents a vital interchange of ideas focusing on high-tech strategies and digitalization. The circle’s goal is to foster state of the art knowledge on information technology, crucial research fields and current innovation developments.

Diversity Circle

The Diversity Circle gives underrepresented voices within STEM/Tech a stage to discuss their expertise, visions for a more inclusive industry, and an opportunity to network and exchange with further leaders within this field. These voices can include women, people of color, or LGBTQ+.


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