If the development of new ideas comes from the combination of different skills and interests, then this is for sure the strength shown in Matteo’s career path. He completed his Bachelor degree in Software Engineering from TU Wien, and his success came from the fruitful combination of web development with marketing and event organisation.

„What I loved most about studying was the variation of things to do at the TU. Starting from drawing classes with Von-Chamier-Glisczinski to participating in the Buddynetwork/ESN I was not only able to learn the stuff In my curriculum but also got inspired for so many things in life.“

Several projects have been the stage for Matteo’s business expertise during the last almost 10 years. We can’t avoid mentioning ajado GmbH, which he founded in 2009 and led to grow as its CEO until today, as well as EVENTIPLY, an event marketing toolbox, which not only won prices and fundings but also has a steady growing numbers of users. However, we could mention others, such as the expanding club talkin‚, the Startup Circle within the TUtheTOP Alumni Club or the urban prankster group No Hidden Meaning.

Traveller by nature, this is one of the sources of inspiration for Matteo. His advice to students is: Don’t take it to serious 😉 doing what you love is more important than the perfect CV.