Our mission is bringing the right people and their individual minds together. For this purpose we organize exclusive gatherings with experts from a variety of research fields.

Throughout the year our circles present the vital interchange of ideas focusing on a special field of interest.


Reviewing The Ride of a Lifetime

Book circle | 30.09.2021

The fourth read of our book club was Robert Iger’s autobiography! The journey of Disney’s former CEO taught us a lot about how much perseverance one has to bring in order to climb such an extraordinary career ladder as Robert did. In our opinion there is always a little bit of luck and meeting-the-right-people-at-the-right-time involved, too – especially when it comes to such a most coveted position.

Reviewing No Rules Rules

Book circle | 12.08.2021

At our third book club review we could finally meet up in person! The overall opinion of this book was: a very inspiring book that is well-structured and fun to read. However, it cannot be seen as a handbook for success and not everybody is aligned with the ethics behind Netflix’s culture of Freedom & Responsibility.

Sommerfest 2021

General Event | 29.07.2021

This was long overdue and it was a blast! After a year of only remote events, we finally could meet again in person! Thank you all for joining on this summer night and making this evening so great. These warm-harted and open-minded people are what makes our community so special!

Reviewing Der kleine Machiavelli

Book circle | 18.06.2021

Based on the satirical stories of „Der kleine Machiavelli“, we discussed how we experience hierarchy and power both in our jobs and daily life. Though the book was written in the 1980s, some stories appear quite close to reality still. Nevertheless most of us agreed that the appearence of managers changed a lot to the better since then. Stay tuned for the next book club review!

Allheilmittel Systems Engineering

Automotive circle | 17.06.2021

Products in the automotive industry are becoming increasingly complex: mechanical products are replaced by smart, interconnected mechatronic products in which the electronics and software share is increasing and already accounts for the majority of product innovations. To support this development, companies in the industry are investing in transforming their product development. Together with our panel of experts from ZKW and 3DSE Management Consultants GmbH, we talked about how the introduction of systems engineering makes this transformation possible.

How to become an analog astronaut

Diversity circle | 20.05.2021

„What would you like to be when you grow up?“ This question seemingly tends to complicate when we get older. Anika Mehlis is now an analog astronaut, however, choosing this profession was not a clear or outlined plan from the start. In this talk she told us about her exceptional (and sometimes perceived as „unconventional“) career path.

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Reviewing Animal Farm

Book circle | 15.04.2021

The TUtheTOP book circle has officially been kicked-off! The club wants to connect our collectively rekindled love for books, with the social isolation during the pandemic. Thus we chose an all-time classic as our first book to be reviewed: Animal Farm by George Orwell. Together we discussed, shared personal feelings, and drew analogies to current times. We are looking forward to our next session!

Women in Tech

Diversity circle | 24.03.2021

Wanted but scarce – Why are women still underrepresented in the STEM fields?

Together with 5 TU Vienna alumnae we discussed what are existing problems and what we can do to increase the female share across those fields to build a truly inclusive environment for all. Read our blog post to find out our 3 recommendations!

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Online Workshop | 15.03.2021

Telling stories is one of the most powerful means professionals use to influence, inspire and teach. In this workshop, organized by our partner Teach for Austria, we learned about the main principles in Storytelling and put them directly into practice. In interactive sessions with other peers we used the newly gained knowledge to tell our favorite stories in the deserved, most captivating way. It was not only a great opportunity to improve communication skills but also to connect with inspiring people and share our best experiences!

The consequences of climate change

General Event | 25.11.2020

The McKinsey Global Institute has looked at the physical risks of climate change, the potential impacts on people, communities, natural and physical capital, and economic activity. Their key findings were summed up in the McKinsey climate risk report and presented on various global stages, e.g., Davos 2020. We brought the McKinsey experts to TUW and discussed their interesting findings.

Automated Driving

Automotive circle | 15.10.2020

The world of automated driving is coming closer to reality. As the exciting possibilities of this new technology unfold, there is a growing need for testing and verifying the components and systems of automated driving in diverse and complex scenarios. Gerhard Greiner, Managing Director at ALP.Lab GmbH, together with our Automotive Circle Lead Jacqueline Erhart, gave us insights into current developments and requirements for the testing environment.

Rhetoric Academy 2020

General Event | October 2020

The personal development of our members is one of our core values. Based on this goal we hosted the TUtheTOP Rhetoric Academy for the first time this year. Our members had the opportunity to improve their communication skills. Under the guidance of rhetoric experts, they dove into presentation techniques as well as strategies for negotiation.

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Sommerfest 2020

General Event | 07.08.2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to cancel many planned events in 2020. Given the official safety measures, we still managed to organize a summer gathering at USUS am Wasser to reconnect to our members. Thank you all for this enjoyable evening.


General Event | 08.05.2020

Will Digi-disruption lead to a modern Renaissance? Our first global Knowledge-Transfer event was dedicated to deriving historical inferences for the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Together with a high-profile panel of Ivy League researchers, we drew from historical foundations.

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COVID-19 expert panels

General Event | April 2020

During the lockdown in Austria, we invited 25 experts divided into 6 evenings to discuss the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. We got insights from different fields including researchers, medical doctors, psychotherapists, asset managers, start-up founders and many more.

Effective Altruism with Anna Riedl

General Event | 06.03.2020

„With a few important ideas from science and economics, we can bridge the gap between cognitively limited people and a world full of problems and challenges.“
Anna Riedl is the founder of Effective Altruism Austria. In our fireside chat, s
he inspired us with her ideas: How can we do good in our world most efficiently?

Part time entrepreneur?

Finance circle | 31.01.2020

Our Finance Circle invited to an insightful panel discussion. We talked to industry experts about our options to meaningfully contribute to the accretion of startups. Our speakers explained the legal frameworks and talked about their very own success stories as founders.

One hour with Uber

Automotive circle | 09.12.2019

We welcomed our members to a fireside chat with Malcom Glenn, the current Head of Global Policy Accessibility. He leads Uber’s worldwide efforts to make the current and future platform more accessible for historically marginalized groups.

AI among us

IT circle | 22.11.2019

Everybody’s talking about Machine Learning and how our society will benefit from AI.
At our autumn event 2019, we gained a lot of insights about the current state of research and the applications already implemented. Together with our top-class podium of experts, we dove into the world of artificial intelligence and its applications.

How do we develop opinion?

General Event | 03.10.2019

Dr. Sophie Karmasin, the founder of Karmasin Research & Identity and former Federal Minister for Families and Youth shared her expertise in market research. At this exclusive fireside chat, we discussed the results of the 2019 National Council election and opinion polls in Austria.

Friday Drinks

General Event | 14.06.2019

Networking is an essential part of what we do. Regularly, we meet up, exchange ideas, share our dreams and simply have a good time!